A happy new year! 2011!!

バンドSAWAS PHOOLのボーカルとして、
卯年が始った今日、まず思い出したのは大好きな絵本。「The Tale of Peter Rabbit」
Happy New Year Everyone! 
Thank you very much for your friendship and love for the year 2010!
It became one of the most memorable year for me. With out your supports, maybe I wasn't singing today!
And thanks to you all, I could start up a new band named SAWAS PHOOL and also I got a new name as a lyricist, Nadia end of last year.
This year 2011 is the year of Rabbit.  And this morning when I woke up, I remembered about one of my most favorite picture book since I was a child.

(今でも暗唱できるほど!笑、 毎日聴いてた。)おかげで英語の発音を忘れずに、そして徐々に日本文化にも慣れて行く事がでた。
I was 7 years old, when I switched into Japanese local elementary school from Nagoya International School.
There was lots of cultural differences in two different environment, and I experienced a hard time.
I was crying in my FUTON (bed) every night and while I listened to the cassette tape of this story, 
which my Mom gave the series of this book as a birthday present every year.
Maybe this story book helped me a lot not to forget English pronunciations! 
Slowly I got used to Japanese school and cultures.  

BUT round the end of a cucumber frame, who should he meet ...
Peter was a bunny who was very naughty and his mind was always filled up with curiosity and interest toward something new!
I was (and I still get) very excited to read the above sentence. 
Excitement! Not knowing who awaits around the next corner, what happens in the nest moment, or next week or next month.
I'm excited to know what happens this year!!! 
I'm excited to know what happens to YOU this year too!!!
Very best wishes to you all,

A happy new year! 2011!!」への5件のフィードバック

  1. Happy New Year to you too dear Sawa san ! (or should I say Nadia now ?)
    I wish you all the best in your life and carreer. Continue to treasure every moment in this life ! I hope everything you’ll try out this year will succeed !

    Love from France


    • Merci beaucoup for the wishes and your comment. 😉
      I went to Shrine today for the new years wish (I’m not really religious but it’s something Traditional what most of Japanese do), and I wished for my friends and families health and happiness. (of course including YOU!) .+:。(^_<)〜☆ I hope you encounter with many happy moments and share it with your loving friends and families.

      Love from Tokyo,


  2. あきましておめでとう


    Nao da Firenze


    • あ「き」ましておめでとう!( *´艸`)
      Sawa do Tokyo


  3. The non Japansese cannot get onto Mixi unless they get someone’s Japanese mobile phone number to use. That’s ow they are keeping us foreigners away. So, a lot of American’s are starting to get onto Ameba because it doesn’t require a mobile phone number to join.




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